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$ http-status-codes (redesign)
Found ./package.json
App Name: http-status-codes
Git URL:
Create app with these details? [y/n] (y): 
Creating app...
$ http-status-codes (redesign)
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
* [new branch]      redesign -> redesign
$ http-status-codes (redesign)
$ http-status-codes (redesign)


20 Apr, 2020
Justin Emery
Build a HTTP API in Node.js with Google Cloud Functions
In this post we show step-by-step how to build a HTTP API using Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Platform's serverless Function as a Service offering.
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4 Apr, 2020
Kameron Tanseli
Introduction to Finite State Machines with React
Finite State Machines (FSM) allow us to declare beforehand how the state of our application will transition as we use it, and is particularly useful to describing complex UI state in frameworks such as React.
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21 Mar, 2020
Josh Cole
Welcome to Voxis
Voxis is an open source toolkit for shipping cloud software quicker and cheaper than you could in the past. Our ethos is simple. We want to unleash developer creativity and accelerate software innovation. Today we're excited to launch our new website and preview program, allowing a select number of beta testers to try out for themselves.
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Will Wayman
Web Developer
My team's productivity increased after we added Voxis to the mix. The setup was quick and the amount of time we spend managing deployments and infrastructure has dropped dramatically.
Nikhil Vijayan
Web Developer
Using Voxis has made my life much easier. I find it much more simple than the alternatives to deploy apps to the cloud, I connect my GitHub repository and everything I push is deployed without any effort.
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